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Remember: An adult's eventual goal is about 30 grams of fiber per day. But, give yourself 6 months to reach that level.

Raspberries 1 cup
All Bran Cereal 1/3 cup
Fiber One Cereal cup
Oat Flakes Cereal 2 oz.
Butter Beans cup
Great Northern Beans cup
Kidney Beans cup
Navy Beans cup
Broccoli, cooked 1 stalk
Healthy Valley
Vegetable Chili with Beans 4 oz.
Prunes 1 cup
Split Peas cup
Health Valley
Almond & Date Oat Bran muffin 1 muffin
Post Raisin Bran 1 cup
Health Valley
Real Italian Minestrone Soup 1 cup
(5 - 6 GRAMS)

Blackberries cup
Brussels sprouts 1 cup
Turnips cup
Black beans cup
Black-eyed peas cup
Pinto beans cup
Spinach, cooked cup
Lentils cup
Healthy Classics Lentil Soup 1 cup
Spoon-Size Shredded Wheat 1 cup
100% Whole Grain Wheat Chex cup
Pita, whole wheat 1 pita
Almonds cup
Quaker Plus Fiber Hot Cereal 1 pkg.
Raisins, seedless 1 cup
Red Beans cup
(2 - 4 GRAMS)

Oatmeal 1/3 cup
Popcorn 3 cups
Pumpernickel bread 1 slice
Rye Bread 1 slice
Sweet Potato 1/3 cup
Apples 1
Nectarines 1 medium
Apricots 4
Figs, dried 2
Grits 1 cup
Oranges 1
Pears 1
Plums 2
Corn, cooked cup
Prunes, dried 4 medium
Strawberries 1 cup
Beets cup
Lima Beans cup
Banana 1 medium
Brown Rice 2/3 cup
Peanut Butter 2 Tbsp.
Peaches 1 medium
String Beans cup
Peas 1 cup
Wild Rice 1 cup
Winter Squash cup
Quaker Quick Oats 1 cup
Aunt Jemima
Buckwheat Pancake Mix 4 pancakes
Baked Potato with skin 1
Tortilla, whole wheat 1
Wheat 'N' Bran Triscuits 7
100% Whole Wheat Bread 1 slice
Helpful Hints for Adding More Fiber
  • Remember-you only get fiber from plant foods. There is no fiber in animal products.
  • Add fiber gradually, not all at once.
  • Drink PLENTY of fluids to keep your digestive running smoothly.
  • Choose whole-grain bread, crackers, pasta, and flour.
  • Add beans, peas, and lentils to soups, stews, and salads.
  • Eat fresh fruit in place of fruit juice.
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